Tsenba Wummen League: Junior Sporting Boys, Jazzy Stars and Super Stars Shine At U-14, as Kuru Young Stars, MPFA, and Galatians take Jazzy Stars, Royal Stars and FC Sports U-16 to the cleaners

Junior Sporting Boys proved bookmakers wrong as they forced Under-14 table toppers Mees Palace FA, to a goalless draw in Week 10 of the ongoing Tsenba Wummen football league.

But the Blue Panthers as MPFA is fondly called still sit at the top of the table with 26points from ten matches played.

Mid table placers like Jazzy Stars FA, Super Stars FA and Young Reformers FA went goals crazy to improve their placing on the log as they thrashed their opponents, Riverside FA, Ceemonie SA and Young Champions, 5-0, 4-2 and 3-1 respectively in the U14 league.

There were also wins for Multiple Waves, Highland Stars and Gangare Youths.

At the Under-16 category, league leaders, Mees Palace FA, second placed St. Monica FA, Kuru Young Stars and Galatians FA went brutal in front of goal, scoring with reckless abandon to send the likes of Royal Stars FA, SJC Lions, Jazzy Stars FA and FC Sports to the cleaners, beating them 7-0, 3-0, 7-2, and 5-0 respectively.

The likes of CF Bwin, FC Izam and Jeddy Academy also emerged victorious in week 10.

Three matches ended in a draw with the match between Tin City FA and Rahbam FA ending in an 8 goals thriller as both sides played out a 4-4 draw.

Here are all the results of matches played over the weekend:

WEEK 10 U14 RESULTS 15/05/21

Super Stars 4 (Alamin Muhammed 5’,52’,Ismail Ahmad 42’(PK),Yusuf Murtala 48’) – 2  Ceemonie SA (Bright Dalyop 9’,Dung Peter Paul 11’)

Jazzy Stars 5 (Wisdom Jethro 7’,53’,Joshua Hassan 44’,Destiny Eribo 58’,Kukyeng Pam 60’) – 0  Riverside

Top Free 2 (Sele Dung 1’,Ezekiel Thomas 34’) – 3  Gangere Youths (Yahaya Sani 8’,32’,Abdullahi Ibrahim 36’)

MPFA 0 – 0  Jr.Sporting Boys

Vet Glory 0 – 0  Young Stars

Invaders FC 0 – 3  Hephzibah

Highland 2 (Japhet Abana 10’,Emmanuel Ezeoba 47’) – 1  SJC Lions (David Dalyop 41’)

Light FC 1 (Uhnei Jonathan 4’) – 2  Multiple Waves (Henry Timothy 13’,50’)

Young Champions  1 (Silas Japhet 44’) – 3  Young Reformers (Madek Gagriel 23’,Kelvin Samuel 25’, 34’)

Elspuron  2 (Daweng Gyang 41’,Eric Pam 47’) – 2  Relentless FA (Jeremiah Sunday 7’,22’)

WEEK 10 U16 RESULTS 15/05/21

Mabo Young Stars 1 (Umar Yau 27’) – 1  Adalchi (Collins Adegoke 53’)

Kuru Young Stars 7 (Reward Dung 9’,Weng Pwajok 14’,43’,Mordecai Elisha 16’,59’,Pam Dung Dauda 18’,Sunday Dalyop 38’) – 2  Jazzy Stars (Tisloh Ishaku 3’,Udakudi Ayang 5’)

Tin City FA 4 (Mase Dung 12’,Mafeng Livinus 17’,18,Nasiru Abba 60’(OG) – 4  Rahbam (Calvin Philips 3’,Francis Samuel 29’(OG),Wisdom Joseph 35’,51’))

Top Free 0 – 1  FC Izam (Gabriel Danladi 12’)

Royal Stars 0 – 7  MPFA (Shalom Anno 4’,Sumfat Julius 5’,Christopher Yusuf 22’,40’,John David 34’,Emmanuel Ukeyima 45’,Emmanuel David 58’)

Flying Shooters 1 (Domshak Adams 7’) – 2  CF Bwin(Weng Alamba 22’,George Sunday 24’)

SJC Lions 0 – 3  St. Monica (Isaac Jawo 5’,Jeremiah Gwom 23’,Godwin Shaka 24’)

Samba Boys 2 (Chukwuemeka Ugoke 27’,Muktar Tahir 60’)– 2  Yard FC (Jareh Jordan 23’,44’)

Galatians  5 (Wisdom Ephraim 16’,Promise Iliya 17’,20’,Mafeng Samuel 54’,Abdulrahaman Nasir 58’) – 0  FC Sports

City Rollers 0 – 3  Jeddy Academy.

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