NFF ELECTIONS: We will not make mistakes….. Yakubu Sarma, Gombe FA Chairman

Yakubu Sarma, Chairman, Gombe State Football Association has assured Nigerians, especially football followers that they will not make mistakes in the upcoming Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Elections slated for September, 2022.

Sarma in this exclusive interview accepted that there are challenges facing the NFF but they are surmountable.

According to Sarma, “So far there are a lot of pretenders and lot of contenders. When we get to the bridge, we will know how to cross it, but I know certainly we will not make any mistake, we will look at the capacity of the contestants, we will look at what they are bringing to the table, we will look at the people that have the pedigree to move Nigerian football forward and surely, they will come on board and things will be better”.

He further stated that they were hopeful the elections will hold in September, “I think the politics of the NFF is growing big and bigger every day with a lot of challenges, but I know all these challenges are surmountable, they are challenges that we can overcome and we are trusting God we are going to find a way out.

Yakubu Sarma

“Like we are all aware the election is supposed to be this September and you can see that September is not far. The AGM has not held, the Electoral Committee has not been inaugurated, which means the electoral process has not kick started, but we are still hopeful that the election will hold by September. I am sure that by the Grace of God there won’t be problems, because you can see the Congress members and Ministry of Youths and Sports pushing for it, so we are hopeful the election will still hold.”

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