Gov. Sule throws jibes at members of Jordan Nwora Foundation, as he displays deep knowledge of the NBA

“I’m sorry pressmen, you are seeing a Milwaukee Bucks mascot in my front but you all know I am a Chicago Bulls fan”.

These were the opening words of Engr. A A. Sule, the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State when Jordan Nwora Foundation crew paid a courtesy visit to the government house. The brief meeting was entertaining and fun packed as the official meeting was blended with hilarious statements.

The Governor further taunted the guests, having almost a piece of everyone. Kike Rafiu was hit the most. On hearing that she is from Delaware, he teased her saying Delaware doesn’t have a basketball team. So, she is either a Boston Celtics or Sixers fan. She quickly answered she is a Celtics fan and the governor quickly retorted, “Bucks defeated them last season”.

Addressing Coach Nick Sepe, he said, “Hearing your name, I thought you are a fan of the Knicks”.

He further stated that he was based in Illinois while the United States of America but his abode was closer to Chicago and hence, his unrivaled support for the Bulls. His wife could not make him switch allegiance to the Rockets even when they relocated to Houston, not minding the fact there was an Olajuwon Hakeem who is a Nigerian on that team.

Some players were part of the entourage that visited the Governor on introducing them, the comical number one citizen of Nasarawa state was at it again, asking that hope the taller players are from his state as he was made to know that they came from various neighboring states.

His love for Chicago Bulls was not hidden as he kept mentioning the Bulls and Michael Jordan in his words. He also told Coach Alex that when he first heard the name of the Milwaukee Bucks Nigerian point guard, he wished the name would be Michael Jordan and further prayed that Nwora junior becomes as great as the legendary MJ if not greater.

He concluded by teasing Kike again asking her if Delaware finally gets a team, Bull’s will still defeat them as there is no team that didn’t feel the pangs of the Bulls.

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