EKITI: We have kept our promise, football is everywhere in Ekiti…….Bayo Olanlege

The Chairman of the Ekiti State Football Association, Mr. Bayo Olanlege has okayed the development achieved so far during his tenure in overseeing football in the state as a promise kept.

Olanlege an ardent lover of grassroots football who pledged to take grassroots football development to everywhere in the state when he was voted in as the Chairman of the Ekiti FA in 2019 said he is happy seeing that the dream is gradually becoming a reality with the help of individuals who are willing to identify with the FA in developing the youth using football as a tool.

About the ongoing all Ekiti State Secondary Schools Football Competition, Olanlege stressed that it is a way of building the football culture in the state starting with the secondary schools, and also an avenue for schools to get scholarship schemes through football.

“Now we have the secondary schools football competition being played in all areas of Ekiti, it’s a great feat for us and we plan to keep this. It is a way of imbibing football culture in our kids and an avenue where schools can identify and fight for talents and the students can get scholarships like its being done in the USA and other more civilized climes.

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